Magnum 4D 萬能
Date: 04-08-2020 (Tuesday) Draw No: 386/20
1st Prize 首獎 1415
2nd Prize 二獎 3241
3rd Prize 三獎 5489
Special 特別獎
9204 4604 6853 9720 ----
---- 0345 4461 0158 1225
---- 5096 6955
Consolation 安慰獎
8226 0319 4527 4160 6686
4081 2831 7139 0535 8450

Special Draw Date

  • 30-Jul-2019 (Tue)
  • 20-Aug-2019 (Tue)
  • 10-Sep-2019 (Tue)
  • 01-Oct-2019 (Tue)
  • 05-Nov-2019 (Tue)

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